About Historic Photo Archive

The Archive

We provide images to historical researchers and the media in the form of scans as well as prints from our library of original film, glass negatives and transparencies. Over 4500 photographers' film is archived at historicphotoarchive.net, and some of these photographers have taken over a million images each.

We have photojournalism, documentary, commercial, aerial, military, venacular, professional and fine art subjects. For researchers, there is an on-premise reference library containing a near-complete set of Portland city directories, as well as directories from areas we specialize in. In addition to Oregon, we have large film collections from Alaska, Arizona, Washington DC, Washington State, and other areas in the United States.

Other archives are comprised primarily of vintage prints and postcards. As a comparison, our photographs and scans are created using original film and glass plates as the source of the image, which results in considerably higher resolution and have far greater tonal range.

Not everything in our collection has been processsed for online access, as our library is constantly evolving. If you are looking for photos of specific locations or activities that are not on our website, phone or send an email describing what you are looking for and we will search the files for you.

Digital Photo Prints

All of our photos are archival K3 Ultrachrome prints. They are guaranteed for life not to fade or deteriorate. They are available in matt or luster surface. 

We provide services for commercial designers around the nation. In public buildings and restaurants, our work is on display in most major cities of the United states. We have experience making quantities of large prints on tight production and shipping deadlines. 

Digital Scanning Services

There are two Howtek 7500 drum scanners on-premise. We can scan flexible paper items such as photos, posters, newspapers or artwork up to 22". We have two flatbed scanners, an Artixscan 1800f and an Epson 750V. We can scan glass plate negatives up to 8x12" in size. We can scan up to 8000 ppi in 48 bit mode. 

Scans are processed in a color-managed workflow. We produce high-resolution files in Pro Photo RGB 48 bit or Grey Gamma 2.2 16 bit. 

We offer our scanning services to professional photographers and graphic artists who want us to scan their film and materials. We charge a flat rate of $30 per scan regardless of size. The cost covers basic processing and disc burning. 

Copyright Use

All photos are copyrighted. No rights for reproduction or commercial use in any form whatsoever are given or implied when you buy a print. If you want permission to publish or commercially use one of our photos, please send us an email. We control the copyrights of our photographs. None of our pictures are downloaded from government or library web sites. We own the negatives of every image in our library, and they are only available here or through our dealers.

Sizes and Cropping

An 8x10 print is made on 8.5x11 paper to fit standard frames. An 11x14 image is made on A3 size paper, a 16x20 is made on 17x22" paper. Different images may have height & width aspect ratios ranging from square or round to panoramic. On your print, the image height and width will fill the stated dimensions as much as possible without cropping, meaning that there may be extra white border on one of the edges. If you want us to crop the image to the stated dimension (to fill the paper with the largest possible image), send a message at the time of purchase saying crop the image to fit size.